Embossed tin shingles like I have never seen before

A surprise for doing-it-yourself tin roofing aficionados:  Kathi has posted some of her thoughts on  her blog

"I began my adventure in miniatures in 2009 when I found my first dollhouse at a garage sale. I love the beach and most of my miniatures are "beachy." I enjoy making my own minis and love to try new things!"


Asheville, NC, area resource

For those individuals seeking resources for historical restoration in the Asheville, NC area, be sure to check Frank's website.


A rare sight....can you guess?

See the second floor room attached.  Why?   Hint:  In Cape May there is another one.


Preservation system on standing seam roof

This traditional standing seam roof in Kennedyville, MD, appears worn and due for replacement due to leakage.  With our work to reinforce the inside gutters and encapsulate the chimneys, leakage was resolved.
The panels themselves just needed a high quality primer and two coats of a light tinted acrylic.
The owner saved considerable expense in deciding on this approach.


Lansing, NC, mountain home

This fully reinforced application in medium grey acrylic resolved rusting and exposed fastener concerns. 


Preserving tradition in Stuart, VA

Shingles coated in medium grey Wearcoat to preserve the traditional appearance of the roof:
"Guys just left...I really like it! Can't wait to bring out the dentil and scroll work now!"


Southwest Virginia residence

This gem in southern/western Virginia has it all:
1.  Embossed tin shingles in one of the traditional designs of that period.
2.  Standing seam crimped metal roofing over the large porch 
3.  Inside gutters, not the attached modern gutters
4.  A witch's hat (not visible in the photo--I suspect witch mischief)
We are pleased to be working here.


On Memorial Day......

Every Memorial Day, we are reminded of the service of our military men and women in the defense of our country.  Near St. Michaels in Maryland, a family dedicated a Patriots' Circle to family members who served  our nation.
Our participation in the memorial was a small one, yet appreciated for the opportunity to be reminded of the military's role in our country's defense.


Western NC design

The Windover Inn in Waynesville, NC, has been coated with black Wearcoat.  According to the innkeepers, several visitors have commented favorably on the roof's appearance.
This photo illustrates two unique details rarely seen on these embossed tin shingle roofs:

1.  The design of the shingles apparently are found only in the western NC and VA mountain areas.
2.  The overhang at the base of the peaked roof suggests a high quality stamped shingle installation.


New "traditional" standing seam panels

Owners of homes and other structures usually want to know their options when deciding on the future of their 100 year old standing seam roof.

Obviously preserving the existing metal roof is an option, but two other possibilities are usually checked out for pricing, appearance and durability.

For those who want to check out replacing the old panels with new "traditional" ones, the best I have seen in the field are the Follansbee Terne II product line;  Call Tracie Casadei at 800-448-1776 x2233 for more info.  Roofing distributors, such as Bradco, Allied, ABC and Beacon, carry their line of panels.

Of course, tearing off the vintage panels, installing decking and laying modern asphalt shingles is the most used option because most roofers know how that method.   Cheapskates just hammer down the standing seams and place asphalt shingles directly over the roof-creating a wavy look.


Color Selection

Nine years ago in Huntingtown, MD, we coated this embossed tin shingle roof with green acrylic.  At the time, the tint choice appeared to be related to "tradition."   As on all green acrylic applications, the roof began to chaulk several years ago.
Expecting a request to  recoat with the same Restoration Green tint, updated to Wearcoat, (an application that would not chaulk)....I was in for a surprise.

As we age, we develop different aspirations.  In this case, the owner announced, "I want to make a statement on my street!"
On a demo card the Jones Red tint is quite dramatic.  On her roof, surrounded by framing trees on a large lot and supported by an imposing white siding, the roof sits impressively....just right.



My heart goes pitter-patter when I see a roof like this!


Richmond area metal roof

Near Richmond, VA, way out in the countryside, we worked on this home during February and March.  The owners selected a custom color for their metal roof that matched the trim around the windows. More photos here


Traditional red metal roofs

As any roofer who specializes in applying vintage metal coatings learns, even the tint can affect the result.
For example, the traditional red tint is a powder.  On dry, sunny summer days, the coating can harden in the pail in the space of 20 minutes.  As a result, a little bit of water is called for.

On this example, after nearly eight years, the coating is coming to the end of its life, thereby requiring a new coating. 
The splits in several isolated areas seen in the photo originates from a stirring of water into the acrylic those many years ago....the best we could at the time.  Today, we take steps to reduce the field necessity of adding water.


Acrylic Green Roofing

This green acrylic coated roof is approximately 10 years old.  The white surface on the green is a chaulking action that usually starts about seven years after application.

Some contractors would advise a homeowner to reroof at a very expensive project price.

There is another alternative.  Just talk with us.


Custom green on Virginia country residence

On the left side is the original 1790 residence (now a kitchen); center and right sides, 1840.  And over the entire 4500 sq ft of country living is a late 1990s roof in need of attention.  Weather is allowing the crew to work here with Wearcoat66 in a custom tint matching window trim.

As usual, owners of these homes seem to be unique.   The lady of the house manages the project.  The gentleman offers an historical tour of the kitchen along with a cup of coffee.  And the three dogs yelp their opinions on all the activity.


Washington, DC, area green roof

In Herndon, VA, on Elden St, one of our projects with the Restoration Green Wearcoat 66 coating.  As a neighbor said, "It looked new."
See this link to green roofing projects;  And here is a link to even more projects.
Green tint for the metal roofing is the second most popular color.


Tin roof restoration in Pennsylvania

In western Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh, the crew is applying a fully reinforced system to the crimped standing seam roofing.

The system involves twice the material of a usual maintenance application to 100-year-plus metal roof panels, but is sometimes recommended. 


Preservation Durham's award to Denise Harrison

In North Carolina, "Preservation Durham’s mission is to protect Durham’s historic assets through Action, Advocacy, and Education."  This organization recognizes those individuals that save Durham's past.

The Neighborhood Conservation Award was instituted in 2002 to honor projects that contribute to the historic fabric and renaissance of Durham neighborhoods.

Denise Harrison will be honored on Oct 18th with an award for her efforts to preserve three vintage homes
(1814 Vale Street, 1909 Carden Lane, 1907 Carden Lane)
Denise offered us the opportunity to save the embossed tin shingle roof on Vale St.
Congratulations, Denise.


Traditional green metal roof

In Silver Spring, MD, the family has been renovating  this turn of the century home.  The location is unusual, right in the middle of a condo townhouse complex.  Known as the "manor on the hill", our work drew curious neighbors, watching the roof change from flaking red to a traditional green.


Where to buy metal shingles

Those owners of traditional embossed tin shingle roofs sometimes ask about the appearance of a modern version of the antique design.  Above is the new Berridge shingle on the left with the antique version on the right--both covered with a silver-tinted coating from Andek Corp.
Unless you are studying the roof carefully, the two styles blend well.

Two major hints:  1.  Always have some divider between the two versions.  2.  A different slant of the roof (such as a porch surface) is even less obvious.  3.  Insure thoughtful color coating, either the same tint or complementary colors.

Contact info for two manufacturers of embossed tin shingles


Black antique metal shingles

 This owner of this1890 residence
was the first policy of Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company of Tennessee....and the family continues the policy to the present day.

Farmers Mutual displays this lovely home as their logo.

When the embossed tin shingles were showing their 130 years of wear and tear, the family and insurance company hired us to restore the roof.

Using Wearcoat 66 in black, the shingles look almost new.  Nearby Farmers' customers have stopped by the local agency office,  commenting on the restoration results.


Blue traditional panels

This Pennsylvania owner created a federal blue tint for his traditional panels.  Webpage to come with additional photos and story.


Truly rusty metal roofing

 The vast majority of metal roofs are easily preserved with periodic application of quality primer and coatings.

But sometimes....

This roof is relatively new, manufactured by a reputable company.  Yet rust began appearing about 6 or 7 years after installation.

Although the owners understood how these two distinctively different rusty areas occurred, they were unsure of how to proceed.
 To avoid an expensive roof replacement,

1.  Determine the cause
2.  Develop an understanding of what can be done
3.  Locate a crew that knows how to do what should be done.

Each photo has a hint of the origin of the rust.

We know how to apply the products that will contain the rust.  Our work area


1990s standing seam metal roof that flakes

Did you install a standing seam roof in the 1990s?
Does the paint flak no matter what has been done since?
Do your roof panels look like this?

We have dealt successfully with this problem.
Who we are


Porch color

The "do-it-yourselfer" owner and I worked out a mutually agreeable arrangement here:

1.  We would clean, prime and apply the foundation for a long term fix of his leaking porch roof.
2.  He would select the acrylic tinted top coat he (better said, his wife) wants.  And he would apply the easy-to-use acrylic himself.
3.  He would receive a modified long-term warranty against leakage.

Which tint will they choose--dark green, dark grey or chestnut? 


Washington DC metal roof restoration project

A Cleveland Park, DC, home is primed and ready for a fully reinforced application to extend the life of the roof. See this link for photos of this unusual residence.
"Our house was built in the 1920s....with serious roof leaks.  We found Roof Menders, Inc on the internet....price for restoration, with a 10 year guarantee, was less than a quarter of the price of a new roof.  Miriam...and her crew have been a pleasure to work with."


Lead safety step in roofing

As a lead safety certified contractor according to recent EPA requirements, this photo shows the important step of controlling lead paint flakes on a pre-1978 structure.  Around the base of the porch roof we were working on, the crew placed a disposable tarp over shrubs and grass to catch lead paint flakes during the cleaning phase.
On the day I took this photo, the couple were celebrating Day 2 of their new addition to their family. 


Detail of a project

The aluminum stack on the left offends the eye. The owner asked us to paint the stack "yellow". My selection of yellow led to landing planes using the stack as the fight path into Dulles airport. The owner gave us a more attractive yellow tint. Lesson learned--always insist that the owner select the colors.Many details of tin roofing work


Arlington VA metal shingle

The Arlington, VA, couple found this embossed metal shingle home to renovate.  They constructed an addition.  In this historic district, new roofs must be distinct from the established areas.  Although the couple wanted to avoid asphalt shingles next to metal shingles, they did not have a choice.  We matched the tint of the metal shingles to the new asphalt roofing.


Fully reinforced approach or not

This 1959 standing seam roof is the narrower width   panels on the right.  Post 1959, a house addition tied in wider standing seam panels, located on the left side of the picture.

So what is the problem?  The dedicated owner to preserving this architectural rarity in southern Virginia coated both style panels in a darker tint.  In under six months, the coating flaked on the wider panels, not on the traditional width.  All the white spots are flakes.

Standing seam panels after 1940s show an expansion/contraction not found in pre-1920s roofs.
Solution:  Fully reinforce (or a version of the fully reinforced) the wider panels, then preserve the standard width panels with extremely flexible primer and coating.


Antique shingle project south of Annapolis

 South of Annapolis, MD, these vintage shingles were coated with light grey Wearcoat 66. 

Originally we preserved the roof in 2008, but unfortunately the
primer was unable to contain the rust.  Of course, the light grey acrylic
did not contain the surfacing rust since the material is water-based.

Some projects do come back and bite you.
The couple were quite courteous about the whole matter, for which I was appreciative. 

Selection of modern materials, both in color, elasticity and rust control, is important to the long term success of any project.


Virginia countryside stamped metal shingle roof in green tint

A rarely spotted antique metal shingle design on a rural home near Front Royal in Virginia.  Project is receiving cleaning, scrapping, then priming.  Over the prepped roof, a traditional green application will be brushed onto the surface.  The material will possess a sheen that will highlight the profile of the shingles.  Green metal shingle roof photo webpage


Silver roof in Catlett, VA

Even on a drizzling afternoon, the newly  coated, silver-looking roof captures your eye driving down the road.  This rural Virginia home required extra work along the outside edges. 
Due to the mild winter, we were able to complete the project in March!
The smudge on the upper right is due to the lack of expertise of this photographer.


Replacing damaged metal shingles

This roof had been damaged by hail and 1. some shingles replaced by new reproductions
2. some shingles have been repaired
3.  some shingles have required only primer and coating.

Can you spot the different shingles?


Chesapeake City, MD, metal roof

In Chesapeake City, MD, this owner complimented his upper chocolate-tinted asphalt shingles with a similar coating on his back standing seam metal panel roof.

The product applied was Wearcoat 66 in chestnut tint.  One of the advantages of this product is that organic coloring will avoid fading over time.

For those seeking hidden gems to visit, Chesapeake City, MD, has to high on anyone's list in the Mid-Atlantic area.  The town has maintained a charming, traditional appearance.  Plus Chesapeake City is one of two towns on the third busiest canal in the world.  And finally, the owner of this home is a talented photographer: clicking the title of this blog article illustrates three photos, or his website: Chesapeake City, MD, in photos 


1870s Embossed Tin Shingle - early design

Restored stamped tin shingle roof located in rural South Carolina - a rare design.  Shingles restored or replaced.  Witch's hat repaired.  Porch roof's tin shingles uncovered and restored.


Silver toned project started near Manassas, VA

Near Manassas, the owner wants to enjoy a silver luster on the old roofing panels.
In addition the roof suffers from problems along the drip edges, allowing squirrels and other intruders.
Due to the mild winter, the project is progressing even in February.


Green tin metal roof near Roanoke, Virginia

It seems we are performing more projects with the color green. The reason, quite simply, is that the chalking action identified with acrylics and elastomerics has been overcome.  The above future home for a Washington DC couple is located in a rural valley in western Virginia.   For photos of the project